The Aud Box | Experimental Project
Percussive instrument built out with tins, lids, copper pipes, wrenches and violin components, as well as a created visual notation and score

Deconnecte | Experimental 
The Deconnecte coasters are an intervention on our addictive use of technology and social media utilizing a French context based on famous French stereotypes. The comment encourages us to disconnect and rather connect through socializing and conversing face to face over a cup of coffee or a glass of wine.

Pull a Cliche | Experimental Poster
Comment on famous French Stereotypes

You Stink Movement | Campaign intervention
You Stink is a Lebanese grass-root movement that began as a response to the government’s inability to solve the ongoing trash crisis in a sustainable way. This intervention works as a call targeting the youth for joining the movement through branding the issues that need to be tackled in the government. This system of icons is based on the 3 dots in the Arabic language, in this case used to symbolize dissent

Contamination | Lenticular poster series
A series of 3-dimensional posters that tackle the subject of human induced contamination. The type is a quote that ties the 3 sets of images together. The hidden side showcases life, the revealed side showcases death, reality of what is happening today with the environment.

3D Printed Chair | Experimental

Languages Matter | 3D Models
The 3D printed models were conceived to be used in a series of posters highlighting the importance of languages.


October 16, 2017

This is a conceptual section. The nature of these projects is experimental and merges 2D and 3D media.

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