Concept for a movie poster for the film adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

Promotional poster idea for the Massachusetts College of Art and Design in Boston

South Africa 2010  was submitted to the 2010 Good50x70 international poster competition

Abuse of Domestic Workers is Enslavement was submitted to the 2010 Good50x70 international poster competition. It was a winning poster. It was also exhibited in the Agitators of our Conscience and Commitment in Graphics: Tenerife Design Festival in Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain – October 2012

Strike! won 2nd place in the WFUNA Crystal Ball Competition

Poster submitted to the UN Poster for Peace contest, 2015-16

Right To Education won in 2011 the Poster For Tomorrow International poster competition. 1 of 10 winning posters from 2780 submissions

Right to Housing won in the 2013 Poster For Tomorrow International Poster exhibition – December 2013

The two wine posters were exhibited at the Francisco Mantecon International Advertising Poster Competition. Exhibition at the Vigo Maritime Station in Galicia – Nov & Dec 2013

Poster for Curse of an Addict – Zanzibar, a documentary film by Lovinsa Kavuma, about a heroin addict who believes it can only be a curse

2 posters for the SARAJEVO 100 "Views-Sarajevo 1914-2014", an international exhibition about Sarajevo. The first one was submitted to the exhibition

Proposal poster for a concert by Yoyoma in New York

Large window poster as part of a set of 6 posters spelling out the word 'ENOUGH'. The idea is that each poster deals with voicing an opinion about a social, cultural, political or environmental issue that the American people have had enough of. G for guns denounces the ridiculous amount of deaths caused by US gun ownerships


October 16, 2017

These posters vary between social, cultural and political. Some were submitted to competitions and exhibitions around the world.

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