Poster Series

October 16, 2017

This poster series is a project I conceived for my graduate thesis project. Explained below is my point behind it:

More often than not, contemporary Graphic Design favors superficial and templated imagery for which the most important value is a consumer oriented one. This follows trends blindly, disregarding the soul that empowers it to be different, engaging and creative, and most importantly to provoke an audience to question in order to make meaning.

In my endeavor to challenge established convention, I choose to use design opportunities to continue to explore my artistic growth that considers and engages my audience intelligently and creatively.
I love creating surrealist images that use visual metaphor to convey a message; Communication that makes you stop and think, because it employs things that do not necessarily exist, while integrating them with the real world; image-making that transcends the original meaning, while adding another layer of depth, heart and soul to the viewer.

Classical music has related imagery that dwells in mediocrity as it receives poor advertising and graphic design that does not champion image-making that urges to pause and reflect. My thesis utilizes my passion for surrealist images, music and nature to advocate for and promote the musical genre, in the hope of making it more intriguing and accessible to a wider audience.

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